Your Questions Answered...

Will we get every photo that you take during the day/session?
You will get every edited image from your session or event. This is not every image that is taken. I often take several images in order to get one or two deliverable images for a pose or setting. Any duplicates will be left to one side and the best of a set selected.
Your fee includes my time and expertise at selecting, processing, and editing images. We'll discuss the project beforehand and you'll have an idea of how many images to expect depending on your requirements and the time frame.
Don't worry, i'm not known to skimp on the number of images delivered. The reason you don't get every single image taken is because of the time involved processing each one. All images are shot in RAW format, and each one is custom processed to bring out the best possible results.

What format are the images in?
All images are digital and are shot in RAW. This offers a higher degree of manipulation during processing to help bring out the best from each photo. Shooting in digital rather than film gives the option to be a little more adventerous at times knowing that if it doesn't work it won't alter the cost of materials, processing etc. and in experienced hands modern digital processing can offer a variety of effects in a shorter time while incurring less costs. All this helps to keep the final price down. The final digital images i deliver to you will be high resolution JPEG.

What equipment do you use?
A full frame Nikon DSLR with 2 memory card slots so that a back up is always available if the worst happens and a card malfunctions. 
For weddings i'll be carrying 2 Nikons so no time is lost changing lenses and i'll be better prepared to catch those moments that need a quick response.
One camera will be equipped with a 24-70mm (f/2.8) which shows a great depth of field for portrait work, and offers better performance in low light conditions. A great high quality all round lens which is a pleasure to work with.  The second camera will have a 70-200mm (f/2.8) zoom lens which is invaluable for close up shots and moments when a longer zoom is needed.

Do you shoot in Black and White?
I'll be shooting in RAW. As it's digital photography, any of the images can be converted into a black and white or sepia toned image. Some photos are best shown in black and white, so at my discretion you will receive black and white copies of some images. 
Please note that this is a process and it will take time to change the image, it is not as simple as a single click in post processing software. Each image will have adjustments made so the image renders well in the black and white format. This is the reason that you won't receive copies of every individual image. Any particular images requested in black and white can always be supplied.

Do you supply the RAW files?
I don’t provide the Raw files from a wedding or photoshoot. But of course, if there’s something that you would like editing in a particular way or you require an image or two to be retouched then please do let me know and i’ll be happy to discuss it with you.

What if a child is poorly for a portrait shoot, or it's going to rain for an outdoor shoot? 
Please contact me as early as possible to reschedule. Kids do get ill - it happens, and unfortunately photoshop doesn't have a feature to take away that 'I feel sick' look on a child’s face. Adults can often put on a brave face and complete the session when not feeling at their best, but i wouldn't expect it of a child. 
Fortunately in Spain we're in a climate where it hardly ever rains, so bad weather isn't too much of an issue. I try to be as flexible as possible, particularly in winter, and we can always change the day a few days in advance if the forecast isn't good, or move a shoot from the morning to afternoon. And if the day's overcast it's actually perfect for the session - it's like the biggest natural filter possible to remove the problem of harsh shadows which make it difficult for a photographer. A few clouds in the sky can really enhance a portrait shoot.
If it's a ski shoot in the French alps, then the weather is crucial and it's always a case of keeping an eye on the forecast.  
If the weather is ever going to be detrimental to the results of a photoshoot then i would never expect to carry on regardless.

The Legal Side.....
When is payment due?
Wedding reservations and corporate events should be made with a 30% deposit. The remainder can be paid in advance or on the day. For portrait sessions payment can be made at the time of booking. Credit cards are not accepted. Payment can be made via bank transfer, paypal, or in cash.

Can we post the images in the internet, Facebook etc?
Yes, please do. Please tag on the photos if you like.

Who owns the images after the event?
Every photographer owns the photos that are taken by him/her. The print release gives the clients permission to use and print the photos for personal use. Obviously every photo supplied to you has full print release. 
I will never publish an image for commercial benefit unless previously agreed with you the client. Some images may be used on my own website or promotional material to display my work to other potential clients.

I have a pimple / my baby scratched their face / I have a bruise on my arm… should I reschedule our portrait session?

Minor cosmetic blemishes or scratches on a baby's face or anyone's face can happen. These can be easily taken care of during the post processing and editing of the photos so the session will not have to be rescheduled.
However for larger items like black eyes the session should be rescheduled. Since this may be the first time we shoot please mention visible moles or birthmarks that should not be removed, especially on babies and little children where it can be hard to distinguish.

Should i get a haircut or change the style right before a portrait session? 
No. For men and boys, the best time to get a haircut is about a week or two before the session. Women and girls should not try out a new hair style for the photos unless they are sure they are going to like the way it looks.