It must be in the blood.

Ever since i can remember my mother's been carrying her little compact camera around with her, snapping away like crazy, and enjoys nothing more than browsing through the thousands of photos she has both on film and digital. Myself, I feel like i've always had a desire to take photos, to capture those moments which we know we'll never live to see again, as each one will always be unique.

My passion started with action and sports, and then came the realisation that a facial expression can tell a much bigger story, and the possibility to reflect the mood and personality of that person that is sometimes impossible to put into words.
This naturally led me into wedding photography, where it's a combination of being in the right place at the right time to capture those facial expressions. As well as this i feel it's about helping the couple with their friends and family feel relaxed, and being well organised and structured to ensure everything that should be recorded on the day ends up on a memory card ready for processing. The art of preserving those unique memories of such a special day.


I'm originally from the Lake District, Cumbria, and now, based full time on the Costa del Sol since 2001.
My time is spent between the Costa del Sol and the French Alps where i'm able to spend time pursuing the sports that are a large part of my life. 
And when it's time to relax then it's time to pick up the camera...